Still from eyetooth (2018)



Brothers Gary and Cory Thibert come from the same womb but different artistic backgrounds. Gary has had a successful music career, performing in several bands and touring internationally, while Cory is the co-artistic director of the award winning indie theatre company: May Can Theatre. With both their bands and original plays they have captured a live and engaging atmosphere with their audiences, challenge themselves with each new project, and have both garnered a reputation in their respective communities. They are confident that they can use everything they have learnt and transfer all of their abilities into filmmaking.

Gary and Cory Thibert have always had a desire to explore their creativity through filmmaking. Wolf Pelt plans to explore several different genres ranging from dark comedies to horror, and are interested in bringing an air of light heartedness to dark themes, and exploring complicated relationships with nuance and empathy.

Wolf Pelt has created 8 official short films and two music videos to date and are excited to make the leap into narrative feature films.