Cory Thibert is an award-winning actor, writer, filmmaker and storyteller. Cory is the co-artistic director of theatre companies O Albatross (AWKWARD HUG, in several times) and May Can Theatre (Wolves > Boys, Happiness™, Tusk Turns One!) and co-producer of Ottawa/Vancouver based independent film company Wolf Pelt Productions (Do Not Touch, eyetooth, The New Place). Cory is a freelance videographer and is the director of the feature length documentary On The Fringe, which shares the experience of touring the Canadian Fringe Festival Circuit and has been screened across Canada, the United States and in Taiwan.



Gary graduated from The Audio Recording Academy in 2005 and has since been a large part of the music community here in Ottawa. He has recorded several demo’s for local talent, helped book countless concerts in the Ottawa area for both local and out of town talent, and also helps run a small record label, Dwyer Records. Gary has a long history of performing in bands as well, the most successful to date being Alaskan. Alaskan has produced and released three full length records and a split 12” as well as toured Canada, the United States and Central/Eastern Europe. He also continues to broaden his approach to music by collaborating and performing with several other local bands. Gary hopes to take the attributes he has acquired through his time as a musician and apply them to creating and producing films with Wolf Pelt Productions.